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Spalding Hot Tub Hire - Spalding Lay Z Spa Hire

Posted By: Spalding Bouncy Castle Hire | Posted Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Spalding Hot Tub Hire

Lincolnshires' Number One Hot Tub Hire Company.


Here at Spalding hot tub hire we are extremely proud to be the number one choice for hot tub hire in Spalding, Peterborough, Bourne, Stamford and across South Lincolnshire.


Our typical hire period is either 4 days which is generally Thursday to Monday or 7-day hires Monday to Monday or Thursday to Thursday. A weekend hire involves delivery on a Thursday to allow 24 hours for your hot tub to be up to operating temperature for you to use Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with collection on Monday.


We operate hi-spec Lay-Z-Spa 4-6 person hot tubs after, much experimenting we are found these to be the most luxurious hot tubs on the market yet being inflatable means we can deliver them to gardens without the need for special access or extra wide gates etc.


When hiring a hot tub, our prices include local delivery set up and collection as well as all the necessary chemicals and filters to keep your water safe for the hire duration. It takes approximately 30 minutes to set up a hot tub itself, then 1 to 3 hours to fill depending on your water pressue.  The hot tub does need to remain plugged in and running for the duration of the hire - it runs on a thermostat so that heating will kick on and off as required. You must also also always use the lid supplied using the child proof locks to ensure a little ones can't climb in when the tub is unattended.


We currently offer two options with the hot tubs, we can offer a stand-alone hot tub which can be set up on any flat level surface of roughly 2.5 m square.  The stand-alone tub can be setup on on patios, grass, concrete, really anything except gravel or decking. Our other option is the incredibly popular hot tub package which is the same hot tub but also includes a weatherproof gazebo, Bluetooth speaker and disco light  This is an extremely popular package but does need to be situated on grass to allow correct anchoring of the gazebo.


So you might be wondering exactly what we need from you to facilitate a hot tub hire in Spalding? We will need you to supply a large enough level and flat surface, access to electricity within 20 m and an outdoor tap with hose to reach your desired location. If at all possible we do use one of our adaptors and our own hose to connect to a hot water supply inside the house to both speed up the filling process and also speed up the heating process but this is a bonus and isn't 100% necessary. On delivery we will show you the operation features of the hot tub and obviously you are responsible for making sure the hot tub is kept safe and the water clear for the duration of your higher. We will show you how to keep the water safe and also how to change filters on your lazy spa.


Our lazy spa hire is extremely popular, particularly given the current lockdown so if you are looking to hire a hot tub in the near future please do get in touch as soon as possible to secure your date.  Bookings for hot tubs do need to be made by phone or email - you can't book online as there are a few things we need to check with you before being able to accept the booking. We also require a 20% to secure your booking.


We hope this has answered any questions you might have and we look forward to seeing you in the very near future.


Steve and Helen at Spalding Hot Tub Hire.

Spalding Lay Z Spa Hot Tub Hire


Spalding Hot Tub Hire - Spalding Lay Z Spa Hire