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Brand New Tutorials For Covid Safe Business

Posted By: Spalding Bouncy Castle Hire | Posted Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Brand new Tutorials for Covid Safe Business


We are living in unprecedented times given the current pandemic and the Government's response to it.  We are adapting our business model to accommodate more contactless delivery options from our bouncy castle to our soft play parties as well as our hot tubs.  We accept payment through bank transfers which is a free way of paying for services.  In addition, we have recently restructured some of our soft play packages to fit in sitting rooms instead of village halls.  We have also recently purchased brand new 61/2 foot high, 7.1 foot square indoor bouncy castle that are specifically designed for in home or garage use.  These new castles are NOT suitable for ANY outdoor bouncy castle hire but perfect for up to 1.2 m children to play indoors.  Our Hot Tub Packages have always been quite low contact anyway, and the equipment is all chlorinated and as such self sanitising.  In support of these changes we are now supplying links to videos on how to set up, take down and use our indoor castles and soft play as well as all of the operator level instructions for the use of our hot tubs. 

When you hire our brand new castles, we drop off at the door and you take them inside and set them up in whatever suitable room you choose.  It is necessary to make sure the space is clear and there are no lights or other hazards in the area you choose.  Then just go to our video for instructions on how to set the castle up safely.  When your done with the castle for the short term, you can take it down and fold it out of the way.  Prior to collection, just go to our instructions on how to pack up the castle and we show you exactly how to make it ready for collection.  When it comes to the soft play, it is self explanatory, but we will be adding tutorials shortly. 

The Hot Tubs and obviously our most complicated product for the user.  However, it is not as bad as you may think.  I do show how everything works on delivery, however our tutorials will give you an easy reference if anything needs to be done.  The most common issue with the hot tubs is what to do if there is a power cut.  Each tub has an RCD for electrical safety.  When the power is interrupted this need to be reset.  It sounds bad, but if you follow the easy steps to restart the pump, it's no problem at all.  Of course the second most common issue is if the filter becomes dirty.  If this happens, error code E02 comes up and needs to be cleared and the filter will need renewing.  Again, what sounds a bit complicated is made easy by following our clear an E02 video.  Whilst using the hot tub, you will need to be familiar with the basic operation of the pump as well.  From adjusting the temperature to turning the massage bubbles on and off, if you review our pump operation video, you'll handle it like a pro!   Last but not least, if you have our full package, you will have one of our light/speaker systems.  This makes the package very special, especially when you're in the gazebo at night with the light beams dancing through the steam!!  If you need to set up or change the device your using or just forget how to get the best out of the system, just review our Party Rocker Plus operation video and you'll be on your way!!

Brand New Tutorials For Covid Safe Business